Nature Meets

Nature Meets

Sky, light, water and trees combine to make a picture divine
Swirling, beaming, waving and swinging
In time to the music emanating from the Master’s brush
Together beautiful, powerful, force of nature, each unique


We’re In This Together


                  Water is deep and it is wide

                   Surrounding us on every side

                   The boulders line,  the boulders spread

                    Takes us a while to get ahead

                     I’m not as scared as I would be

                      Because you are here with me

                        I dare not jump from this safe place

                        Would devastate my pretty face

                          I’ll not leave you though this is tough

                          Sometimes the waves are big and rough

                            Sometimes the crocs swim close to us

                              That’s when I wish this was a bus

                            But I’ll not leave you here alone my sweet

                          We’re in this together, we blast defeat

Today is a dreary and wet day here in Durham, NC.  I am trying to find some humor and I found this picture that

I snapped in my hometown of Columbus, GA on last year before the white water course was finished.  In fact, this was the week

that the place was blown up.  I thought these two turtles on the rocks were so cute so I decided to keep this pic.  This is my bit

of humor for today.  Stay on the rock! Stay Calm! Be thankful! We could be down there with the CROCS!  Be encourage no matter

where you are.  Live , love and take care of one another.  Life doesn’t last long.  Treasure the moments you are together.

Denise L Huckaby