Worst Case Scenario – A JOB MOMENT

Turbulent Sky

Turbulent Sky

The worst thing that could happen now is that I’d have a Job moment where I lost everyone and everything I love.  Job lost his children, his cattle and his wealth all in the same day.   His friends were unsympathetic.  They accused him of  sin.  He broke out in boils and sores and was treated like a leper.  To make matters worse Job’s wife was bitter and demanded that he curse God and die.

Terrible Scenario.




ImageSo much to be done and so few to do it. The night is not here, though it is very near. The world around us spinning more out of control. There’s only one place where you can be consoled. Some deny Him and others don’t even care.  Refuge and strength can’t be found anywhere. So many lives impacted, many changed forever. Before the night comes, we need to get together. Serve the true Master, who holds the power over life and death. The only physicians who gives us our health. So much to be done, so let’s do it today. The night is not here. So we still have a chance. Much opportunity to change our circumstance. Wishing on a star won’t get us too far.  Our hope is in Him who still bears the scars. The scars in His hands, His road weary feet.  He who is asking us to come and seek.  Seek Him today while He still can be found.  He’ll loosen the shackles that have held you bound. So much to be done, I beg you do it today.  He is our help and yes, He is the Way.  Hope you’re encouraged. I am. Amen.