Worst Case Scenario – A JOB MOMENT

Turbulent Sky

Turbulent Sky

The worst thing that could happen now is that I’d have a Job moment where I lost everyone and everything I love.  Job lost his children, his cattle and his wealth all in the same day.   His friends were unsympathetic.  They accused him of  sin.  He broke out in boils and sores and was treated like a leper.  To make matters worse Job’s wife was bitter and demanded that he curse God and die.

Terrible Scenario.



Wise leaders pray both day and night

To do the things they know are right

They pray to God who made us all

To help our nation when we start to fall

Wise leaders know they need a guide

Have no room for greed and pride

They fear the mighty One above

Ask Him to bestow His love

To keep the nation in His care

Wise leaders  are so very rare

They know they are but instruments

Whom people choose and God has sent

Appointed to a special occupation

Making laws affecting all generations

Wise leaders don’t oppress the poor and weak

Don’t crush the needy under their feet

They honor those who give their lives

And never try to justify

Why there’s no pay for honest work

Don’t treat the citizens like dirt

Wise leaders know when to take a stand

Humbled themselves under His hand

They realize that they’re but men

They choose goodness instead of sin

Wise leaders pray and work for peace

Until their work on this earth cease

They know there is a price to be paid

For unwise decisions they have made

Wise leaders pray both day and night

To do what’s right in God’s eye sight

God placed this on my heart tonight and so I prayed and started to write.  It is not sweet and flowery.

I wrote what was inside of me.