ImageSo much to be done and so few to do it. The night is not here, though it is very near. The world around us spinning more out of control. There’s only one place where you can be consoled. Some deny Him and others don’t even care.  Refuge and strength can’t be found anywhere. So many lives impacted, many changed forever. Before the night comes, we need to get together. Serve the true Master, who holds the power over life and death. The only physicians who gives us our health. So much to be done, so let’s do it today. The night is not here. So we still have a chance. Much opportunity to change our circumstance. Wishing on a star won’t get us too far.  Our hope is in Him who still bears the scars. The scars in His hands, His road weary feet.  He who is asking us to come and seek.  Seek Him today while He still can be found.  He’ll loosen the shackles that have held you bound. So much to be done, I beg you do it today.  He is our help and yes, He is the Way.  Hope you’re encouraged. I am. Amen.


Medicine For The Soul

Medicine For The Soul

Sickness, suffering a medication nation.
Such misery and death befalls creation.
Pills and elixirs, shots and tests.
Seeking yet finding no cures or rest.
Poverty stricken can’t afford the physicians.
Is there something we’re all missing?
The balm in Gilead is still here.
Master healer calls all to come near.
He has the medicine, He is the cure.
His motives not money, His healing is sure.
He works on our bodies from head to toe.
When he operates our sickness is no more.
His hand is steady. His method is precise.
He speaks the words, and the Father will suffice.
The Father, the Spirit, the Lord in control.
Cuts out the poisons residing in our souls.
Trust the prescriptions given by the maker.
His good medicine will cure and not fake you.
No trial, guinea pig, or investigation needed.
Whatever the disease the Lord can treat it.
No thousand years to find the right mix.
He has the power, the permanent fix.
Come to the physician, believe that He can.
Stop being a sick, crippled, medicated land.


Wise leaders pray both day and night

To do the things they know are right

They pray to God who made us all

To help our nation when we start to fall

Wise leaders know they need a guide

Have no room for greed and pride

They fear the mighty One above

Ask Him to bestow His love

To keep the nation in His care

Wise leaders  are so very rare

They know they are but instruments

Whom people choose and God has sent

Appointed to a special occupation

Making laws affecting all generations

Wise leaders don’t oppress the poor and weak

Don’t crush the needy under their feet

They honor those who give their lives

And never try to justify

Why there’s no pay for honest work

Don’t treat the citizens like dirt

Wise leaders know when to take a stand

Humbled themselves under His hand

They realize that they’re but men

They choose goodness instead of sin

Wise leaders pray and work for peace

Until their work on this earth cease

They know there is a price to be paid

For unwise decisions they have made

Wise leaders pray both day and night

To do what’s right in God’s eye sight

God placed this on my heart tonight and so I prayed and started to write.  It is not sweet and flowery.

I wrote what was inside of me.

We’re In This Together


                  Water is deep and it is wide

                   Surrounding us on every side

                   The boulders line,  the boulders spread

                    Takes us a while to get ahead

                     I’m not as scared as I would be

                      Because you are here with me

                        I dare not jump from this safe place

                        Would devastate my pretty face

                          I’ll not leave you though this is tough

                          Sometimes the waves are big and rough

                            Sometimes the crocs swim close to us

                              That’s when I wish this was a bus

                            But I’ll not leave you here alone my sweet

                          We’re in this together, we blast defeat

Today is a dreary and wet day here in Durham, NC.  I am trying to find some humor and I found this picture that

I snapped in my hometown of Columbus, GA on last year before the white water course was finished.  In fact, this was the week

that the place was blown up.  I thought these two turtles on the rocks were so cute so I decided to keep this pic.  This is my bit

of humor for today.  Stay on the rock! Stay Calm! Be thankful! We could be down there with the CROCS!  Be encourage no matter

where you are.  Live , love and take care of one another.  Life doesn’t last long.  Treasure the moments you are together.

Denise L Huckaby



You encourage me to encourage you
Through words, pictures, and stories too.
Heartfelt, uplifting glimmers of light
Encourage us to be happy and bright.

I love making others laugh. Laughter is one of the best gifts God has given us. It warms the heart and blesses the soul. Like medicine, it cures the blues and sweeps away the trivial trash and troubles from our weary minds. Laughter is contagious. Everyone needs a good laugh everyday. I hope to encourage you to laugh, to sing, and to be joyous. You encourage me to encourage you.
-Denise L. Huckaby