Teach them in the morning. Teach them at night. Teach them as you walk along the way. Teach them when they want to hear it and when they don’t. There is a reason God told us parents to be responsible for the precious gifts of little souls He has placed in our hands. We should never get too busy, stressed, unconcerned, or unfocused to take the time to do this little thing that will garner great dividends in the end. It is not up to the school administrators, teachers, preachers, tutors, after school program attendants to raise our babies. They can help, but ultimately the task was given to the parents by the one who made and loves us all. He knows exactly how it should be done. If only we would follow Him and do His will, it might not be so tough for our children to do the same. MORNING, NOON, NIGHT, EVERY DAY. We have an awesome responsibility. Let’s take it seriously, now, before we lose another blessing from our lives. A baby is a joy. There is much hard work and prayer and setting examples, good godly examples involved in preparing a child to live the life that will bring blessings of love, togetherness, honesty and integrity to this world. Yes, sometimes we don’t have all of the answers, but knowing the one who does, makes the task a little easier.  We can only fail when we don’t try.  Nobody is perfect.  That soul is a part of us. It does begin at HOME. It begins with ME.


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